"We have been using the bee bags for at least 10 years!  They work on our carpenter bees that arrive once the weather stays warm."
-Hazel Kelly
Keeps bees away from my sons play-set."
-Jason Wilson


"I’m back for the 4th year. The product is great!"
-Maureen Lee

“I’m happy with your little (big) invention! It seems to be working”
-Catherine Lisi

“We’ve found that it works great here on campus!”
-Megan Barr, Florida Gulf Coast University

“I have a mosquito abatement company in the Chicago area which uses an environmentally friendly, non-toxic product. Our product is designed to kill mosquitoes, but not bees. Our customers are always asking how to get rid of the pesky bees that hang around their patios and play sets. I was fortunate enough to discover Bee Tour a few years ago and have since added the famous "bee bags" to our line of products we sell. Our customers swear by them and happily re-order them over and over again. I like them because they fit perfectly in our line of "friendly" products. They are not meant to kill the bees...just steer them away! Thanks Bee Tour!”
-Therese Lewis, Dads Against Mosquitoes – Chicago

“I got the package last week and already the bees are gone. THANK YOU!!!”
-Lorna Straka

“If you start to notice a bunch of orders from WV it is because I am telling everyone about your product. I didn't think I would ever get rid of those nasty bore bees. I tried everything from bee spray to aluminum foil to baking soda. I used so much spray I was about to fumigate the whole neighborhood. When I got your pouches in the mail I was skeptical but hung them all around the deck and pool and porch. A few days later and bees gone! I mean I might see an occasional wasp but that's it. I have them now hanging at my old cabin, my moms house, my sons house, and am about to get them for my sister in TN. I gave the address to my mechanic, my pool guy and MY EXTERMINATOR!! Anyway, thank you so much. I love love love bee-tour!”
-Robin Chapman

"I have a great success story about your product. Carpenter bees had infested my workshop and pole barn. They were devastating the exposed rafters - inside and outside. I tried killing them using a badminton racket and a broom. I killed dozens of the buggers - 20 in one day. However, they seemed to multiply faster than I could kill them. Meantime, they were destroying the 2X4's. I went online and tried a couple of ideas that claimed to get rid of them including a trap that didn't work as advertised. Finally, I noticed your website and thought I'd try your repellant. Lo and behold, it worked! I have been completely bee-free for the entire summer. Just wanted to let you know and thank you very much. Now, I won't have to replace my rafters."
-Don Fillingame

"Earlier this summer, I ordered 12 packets of BeeTour. I was a bit desperate. We were about to erect a timber frame screened porch and in order to do so, we had to disrupt some carpenter bees, some mud wasps and assorted other small critters that get irritated when interrupted from their daily tasks. I wanted my crew to be able to work in peace without using harsh chemicals or having the whole house exterior sprayed.
I found your products on the internet, and though I was skeptical… understandably, I think… I ordered a batch. They arrived promptly. I started the project with a couple of the pouches tacked to the fascia where the porch would be attached. I just let them waft in the breeze for a week or so. It seemed like the number of the bees was decreasing, so I was hopeful they would be effective for therest of the project.
On the day that the timber frame arrived, I was ready with a few more pouches. As the frame went up, I tied one pouch to each of the corner posts. Nobody was bothered by bees on that day. I left the pouches up all summer while we worked on the porch, and sat in our new, beautiful structure. Though the screens still are not in, we are remarkably free of bees, wasps and even flies. About 10 weeks after the first pouches went up, I refreshed the corners with new pouches and roughed up the older ones so get the last of the active ingredient refreshed.
I expected something more dramatic, perhaps. Bees obviously repelled. Bees alarmed. But this seems like a quiet, yet effective product. The bees are just not around. Now and then, I see one, but it just flies around and leaves. There are no holes in my new porch. No boring going on.
You might be amused. I referred to the bees as "boring bees" when describing the pouches to my nephew. He wasn't familiar with the term. He asked what made the bees uninteresting. Wry sense of humor, that boy. Thanks for an effective product. I have told many of my friends about it."
-Kathy Adams

"We built our home/farm in 1996 and started a family a few years later; we decided Not to use chemicals, pesticide or any product that was harmful to humans or the environment unless we had no other choice. We live in the middle of a large clearing surrounded by acres and acres of woods. People have a hard time finding us, but starting in 2005, carpenter bees did find us and we have had a significant problem with them since. We have used every contraption, stuffed each bee hole that honeycombs through the eaves of our entire house and painted or caulked every bee friendly surface that doesn’t have metal on it; nothing has worked. Long, long story short, your product works. I found your product online and bought 2 packages. I hung the small, fragrant bags around the eaves of my house and within 3 days the bees were gone. A few bees keep coming out of the wood, from hibernation, but they quickly leave as well. Thank you so much; your product is environmentally friendly and works. I hope to see your product far and wide. Thank you, Thank you"
-Susan, Donnaha, North Carolina

"Hello, I'm e-mailing you to let you know the 6 sacks I purchased from you, we placed all in the places we needed them and within 5 to 6 days all were gone but maybe 2. My Husband was very pleased..he said it had a pleasant smell and really didn't think it would work but as of right now all is well!!! That was the best 30 something dollars we've spent this summer. Thank you!"
-Monica Prieto from Louisiana

"Thanks Mike
I must say hung from my patio umbrella and no bees , carpenter bees to be seen . It was great. Now if we can do the same with mosquitoes …Very happy."
-Mike Martinelli

"I just purchased some of the t bags and they have worked like a charm." 
-Stephanie Yoder

"They did a great job on my carpenter bees which were or probably have ruined my patio arbor. My wife has fought them for the last 3or 4 years. A Very Satisfied Customer!" 
-RL “Dud” Phillips

"Your product worked when nothing else did."
-Mark Matthews, Baton Rouge, La

"To the makers of Bee Tour: This really works!! I had 4-5 Carpenter Bees flying around our wooden gate in back yard. I put one Bee Tour bag up & the next day I noticed a big decrease in numbers of bees. Then the next day there was only one! That was Mothers Day week-end, I go out everyday to look & there has been no return. I put one in my garage & one on our deck as well.
Thank you so much"
-Sarah Germaine, Richmond, VA

"Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle. Your stuff has bees gone almost instantly. Still a few strays who seem desperate to get to the wood! Thank you. I'll need to reorder before next season."
-Maggie Boozer