How long does a t-sack of BeeTour last?
-BeeTour will last approximately 30 days.

How much area does a t-sack of BeeTour cover?
-One t-sack of BeeTour will cover up to 30 feet.

Where can you hang BeeTour?
-BeeTour can be hung anywhere you are having problems with bees.

Can a t-sack of BeeTour get wet?
-Yes, BeeTour is actually water resistant. Rain will decrease its lifespan but will not render it ineffective.

How much is shipping?
-Shipping is always FREE!!

How is BeeTour packaged?
-BeeTour is packaged in packs of 6.

What forms of payment do you accept?
-We accept credit cards through Shopify & PayPal. Checks are accepted but expect delays in delivery. If paying by check please make check payable to ECMG, Inc and mail to: ECMG Inc, c/o BeeTour, 101 Gatewood Drive, Paducah, KY 42001.