What Is BeeTour?

BeeTour is natural, biodegradable, and environmentally safe. It has a pleasant odor and while extremely effective for bees it performs well for many other flying insects. Unlike some widely used products, it retains its potency for weeks when used as directed.
BeeTour™ is presently packaged in a sturdy t-sack for ease of application. The fragrance of the active ingredient(s) exudes from the package, permeates the immediate environment, and provides an invisible odor barrier which is amazingly effective.  Each BeeTour™ t-sack will cover up to 30 feet.

We realize that bees perform a very important function and are one of the farmers' best friends. Therefore, this product was designed to repel bees and not to kill them.
Attach a t-sack of Bee-Tour™ to your golf cart, boat, tent, patio or pool umbrella, RV, turkey hide, or the swing or hammock under your favorite shade tree. Then enjoy your precious time in the out-of-doors without the nuisance of buzzing, biting, and stinging.